Online Bible Study


Join myself and the Power Team for a ONE hour ONLINE Community Bible Study! Bible Study is held EVERY Tuesday from 6:30pm – 7:30pm Central Standard Time. EVERYONE is welcome! This is not a women’s only study time and it is interactive. You can ask questions and comment on the subject. We would LOVE to GROW with you in Christ. CLICK HERE TO JOIN. In case you’ve never met them, allow me to formally introduce you to the Power Team.

MARCIA CHEERS has also served faithfully with me as an amazing Armor Bearer and Administrative Assistant. As someone who is also well educated with her well earned degrees including her Master’s she is no stranger to the corporate atmosphere. What I LOVE about her is how she willingly takes the low road, with a servant’s heart, THINKING that she will stay safe in the background. However, God has been pushing her to the forefront in Ministry for such a time as this. And it is a privilege and an honor to be a tool to help catapult her into her position. I promise you will always leave her presence with something you didn’t expect that will bless your Life, either from a revelation or demonstration! To book Marcia to speak at your events simply call our office number 405-531-0288.


ANN BOOZE serves in ministry with me, not just as my armor bearer. In addition to being a wonderful wife and mother of two miracles; she is also a Minister, Anointed Saxophonist, Entrepreneur and Educator. Ann is living proof that GOD has the LAST say in your life! After being told she should never pursue college and that she wasn’t cut out for it, she not only went and earned her Bachelors, but she she has now earned TWO Master’s as well! To God be the Glory! I encourage you to Click HERE to visit her Facebook Page and learn more about her and how to purchase her music and products. To book her to play or speak at your events email



It is truly an honor to call them my spiritual daughters as I watch God use each of them in their respected places. It is an even greater honor to co-labor with them through this Bible Study. So mark your calendars, set your alarms and plan to attend and participate. We look forward to serving You!