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Did you know that there is a difference in Rebooting something vs Resetting it? To REBOOT means to restart. That’s it, plain and simple. Sometimes your computer or mobile device, pretty much anything computerized, has a brain type function that can freeze up and needs a reboot. In other words for it to return to functioning properly once it freezes up or has whatever disfunction it has at the time, it requires you to shut it all the way down or off, wait a bit and then power it up again. When you turn it back on, you still have everything that you saved in your system as part of your system. It just needed a break from being on 24/7 and that brief power down and power back up was enough to give it a fresh wind to continue.

Now when you RESET something, the difference is that when you power it down it is going to return to the factory’s settings NOT yours. That one little difference means all the world because now you will lose all of the updates, data, contacts, photos, videos and additional apps that you have saved to your device!

Well guess what, there have been times in my life that I have needed God to REBOOT me. I operated constantly in an “ON” status. As a daughter, wife, mother, church leader, Minister, Pastor, Counselor, Entrepreneur, Friend, you name it! The problem was that I was constantly giving out but wasn’t getting back at the level I needed all the time. Then God revealed to me that I owed it to myself to be intentional about taking time for me to reboot. Shut down everything and everyone and do what I needed to in order to power back up. For example when I was a full time Pastor overseeing a congregation and other ministries I made it a point to take one weekend a month just for ME. I truly understand WHY the Sabbath is so needed and I have made it a point that ONE day out of the Seven I REST and not work, counsel… or anything! I promise it has kept me sane and healthy.

Now I’m at a stage in life where God is teaching me about HIS Reset feature. Let me tell you, if you have ever had to reset any of your devices back to factory settings then you know the panic and fear that comes from realizing you may be losing some things that you can’t get back. Especially if you didn’t get to back them up FIRST! Most of the time a Factory reset is not a voluntary action. It happens because there is no other choice. Something has taken place that has paralyzed your device and hindered it from functioning as designed to. My God I hope you heard what I just said! Have you noticed that no matter what you are not functioning at the capacity God designed you to? Have you felt that your movements, thoughts and even desires have become paralyzed and you’ve been trying to reboot but still nothing??? Then you don’t want to stop here… KEEP READING!

When your device gets reset to the factory’s settings yes you run the risk of losing some sentimental contacts and memories, however because something was downloaded into it’s system that contaminated it, EVERYTHING MUST GO! The GOOD news is that although it will require work, you can download applicable apps again and hopefully you have your vital information such as contacts and memories backed up. Well here is what God has been teaching me about HIS reset.

  1. Surrender to it and allow HIM to hit that button
  2.  Know that His ORIGINAL Settings were with an intended purpose and the only reason he is resetting is to get rid of every contaminate that interrupts HIS INTENDED PURPOSE.
  3. Anyone and Anything that gets lost or is unretrievable wasn’t needed in the first place
  4. He wouldn’t hit it if it wasn’t necessary
  5. His settings were better and safer than all of the extras I added

WOW! I don’t know about you but when God began to help me understand some of the people in my life that were able to walk up close are gone now because HE hit RESET! Some the of the opportunities that were in my life are over because HE hit RESET! Some of the things I thought I couldn’t live without, are no longer there because HE hit RESET!!! It BLESSED ME!!!! Now there is memory and space available for HIM to download what HE wants on my hard drive! In other words HE simply increased my capacity to receive. WOWWWWW!!!

You may be saying where do you find that at in the Bible? Well guess what in Matthew 9:17 Jesus told us that you cannot pour New Wine into Old Wineskins. Have you ever thought about how in the world do you become a NEW Wineskin? Think about it, your body (device) is still the same. Yet HE want’s to pour new wine (applications) into you. However your old wineskin (The What, where, who and how you are doing things) can’t handle the NEW WINE. Soooo He is not just trying to REBOOT you so you can try doing the new thing the old way. Nooooo He RESETS you so you can free up the space and capacity for NEW people, places and things!

Does that mean what you had before was obsolete or never needed? Absolutely not! It just means that season or dispensation is over and it’s time for you to have a whole new experience. I pray that if you have found yourself in this place that you don’t resist. The longer you fight your RESET the more time you will waste trying to REBOOT over and over only to find out that HIS RESET is inevitable. Take if from someone who knows, God’s way is truly the BEST way! Be encouraged and please feel free to comment below and share this blog with others.

Much Love,
God’s Girl Chiquita

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