What Every Woman Needs to Know

WOMAN – The Wombed Man.

What a privilege it is to born a Woman! Don’t get me wrong I appreciate Men however I have come to understand who God created Woman to be and I am truly honored to be one. In my life time I have seen too many people devalue womanhood or abuse it. One of my favorite things about counseling is pre-marital counseling. Why? Because I absolutely LOVE getting to share with new couples the realistic roles that God intended for Man and Woman or better yet; husband and wife. I’ve shared it now with so many couples that each time they say you really need to teach on this. So here we go.

It’s important to realize that after God created everything, he saw that Adam needed a Help Meet. Help meet simply means help FIT f or him. With that being said Eve the 1st woman (wombed-man) was created from Adam. Here is what we must realize. Man has the ability to carry seed but they can’t give birth! Once man is intimate with his wife, she has the capacity to: 1. Carry his seed. 2. Incubate it 3. Birth it 4. Nurture it! When we realize as women all of the value that God has created us with we will began to make sure that we are ONLY carrying, incubating, birthing and nurturing what we are supposed to! Seeing that the natural and the spiritual parallel, that means that the wife has the ability to do all of that in the spirit realm for her husband as well! Again what a Blessing! No wonder the Bible says “A man that finds a wife finds a GOOD thing and obtains favor with the Lord.”  Proverbs 18:22 Once he shares his intimate thoughts, passions, dreams, goals, etc with her, she has the ability to help birth them into fruition!

Now know that he will only share that level of intimacy (into me you see) as long as she is trustworthy. Proverbs 31:11-12 says “The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil. She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.” That is the virtuous woman who is an asset to her husband in every way. Now we have to remember to are two sides to everything. For example there’s a left and a right, a heads and tails, good and bad. With that being said, know that the abuse of your power as a woman will open you up to a Jezebel Spirit.

The Jezebel Spirit is more than just dressing up and putting on make up and seducing a man. It is a manipulating and controlling spirit. (Jezebel was also a Prophet killer who did not believe in, fear or honor God.) Unfortunately that spirit can start at an early age, so parents beware when raising your children. If you allow them to manipulate you when they are young they will grow into entitled adults who continue to manipulate their way through life. Although men can operate with a Jezebel spirit as well, I want to focus on women at this time. Now do know that Jezebel has a companion spirit called Ahab. Ahab was a passive King who didn’t want the responsibility of running his kingdom. Instead he was quite comfortable with just having the title and allowing his wife to rule in his stead. Wherever you see a Jezebel spirit, rest assured there is an Ahab spirit in operation because Jezebel draws strength from it. She cannot operate alone. The moment Ahab stands up and takes his rightful place Jezebel loses her authority to operate.

As a woman not only do you need to make sure you don’t become a Jezebel, you also don’t want to create an Ahab. I’m sure you asking, “well how in the world could I do that?” I’m glad you asked. As mothers when you are raising your sons, you must make sure that you teach them to make decisions and stand by them. Now here is the hard part, if they mess up, don’t brow beat them! Instead, correct them and show them how to make better choices. If you brow beat them, then they will eventually lose the confidence to make a decision and doubt their ability to lead. Hence they will become an Ahab and not only want a Jezebel (someone to do it for them) but they will draw her!

Wives the same goes with you. You marry a man and every time he makes a mistake he can never get over it… Eventually he’ll stop trying to lead for “Peace sake” and let you have the reigns. Mind you, you weren’t equipped to have them so you will become bitter with him if you continue to hold on to them and feel like he’s not manning up. In all actuality you have castrated him with your mouth and actions until he lacks the confidence to lead. So how do you fix it? Repent and give him back his role. Trust the God in him and trust that even if he makes a mistake, God has got you so much so that he will not let it be to your destruction. If he makes a mistake remind him that we all do and you have got his back. Let him know you believe in him and you’re there to help not take over. I say quite often that men will Man up when women start Womaning up. Go back to being the soft gentle female that God made you to be. Wombed-man you are needed to Carry, Incubate, Birth and Nurture. Let men walk in who God created them to be and praise God that you get the lighter side of things. Remember some things only a woman can do, so stop trying to pull double duty and take the man’s role too. God intended for our differences to compliment each other not compete. I pray often for men to rise up and take their place in their home, the community etc. Simultaneously I pray for women to get out of their way and allow them. Why because we need them in their place. (I already covered that via video. you can check it out by clicking the video below.) Be encouraged and walk confidently in your role as the woman you were created to be.

Much Love,
God’s Girl Chiquita

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