What Obedience Looks Like for ME


Image 1At an early age, I would have encounters with complete strangers who would say to me “To whom Much is given; MUCH is required.” Since I was so young and totally unversed in the Bible I had NO idea what was being said to me. Quite truthfully it happened so much so early it got on my nerves! I was like ok… “What in the world does that mean and why does everyone keep saying that to me?” Although I did my first public message (10-15min speech) at the age of 9yrs at Macedonia Baptist Church for a youth service, I still hadn’t heard the “Macedonian Call” to ministry. Finally at the age of 16yrs old I knew God was calling me to do something for Him, yet I still had no clue it was ministry until after I acknowledge that call to my Pastor. Immediately I had an inner conflict: 1. I Loved God so and He had been so good to me personally I wanted to do something for Him. 2. I DID NOT WANT TO BE A PREACHER!!!! (Nor did I believe in Women Preachers!) Imagine my surprise when I finally understood that I was being called into the Ministry of the Gospel of Christ! Due to a Pastor who saw more in me than I dared to see and believe, that SAME year I was sent before a Board of Examiners and received my 1st License as a Missionary at the age of 17. The following year I received my Evangelist License. It would be years later when I would be ordained a Prophet, installed as a Pastor and confirmed as an Apostle. Did I walk in those mantles willingly? Absolutely NOT!

Unfortunately each time I obeyed God it was after I had suffered the consequences of extreme resistance to His will. I can honestly say all of the running, dodging , and avoiding walking in obedience only prolonged the fact that I would eventually obey and made my life and those affected by it more complicated. We are familiar with blatant disobedience but I learned a “self-taught” lesson that I often share and that is, “slow obedience” is the same as disobedience. When God says now and we say; later, maybe, wait, hold on, etc, that is still disobedience. Grant it we didn’t say no but we didn’t say yes and move in the yes either. Here I am years later and praise God, the struggle is over, the battle of the wills has been fought and settled.  I have come to a place of total obedience to the will of God for my life. Now with understanding I realize that “to whom much is given, much is required” simply means God is requiring a return on His investment in my life.

At the end of 2015 the Lord began to prepare me for what He was going to require from me this year. Not knowing all of the parts I just began to move in obedience and fast and pray to be fully submitted to His will. That consecration put a Nevertheless in my spirit. I knew that this year whatever God required of me, my answer in both words and actions, had to be Yes Lord and when anything would try to fight that yes, I would have to give Him NEVER-THE-LESS than completely YES. By the end of January 2016, I knew why He prepared me to submit with such an extreme surrender. This year He has called me into Full Time Ministry. Guess what, I’m not resisting…. I’m not running from Him… I’m not begrudging the call. This time, my answer is completely Yes! The moment I said yes and began to move towards it, my body received healing, and the peace that I have is phenomenal! With that being said, I am excited to announce that April 30th will be my last day as a Southwest Airlines employee. May 1st I begin my journey as a fulltime Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I praise God for the privilege to give my Heavenly Father the return on His investment in my Life. I invite you to partner with me as I carry the gospel as well as stay connected and keep me in your prayers. Truly God is stretching me and enlarging my territory, but guess what…. That is what obedience looks like. Stay tuned for more information on how to become a GGM Partner.

Much Love,

God’s Girl ~ Dr. Chiquita Miller

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