Chiquita is a renowned speaker. Ministering since the age of 17, her reach is effective for all races, ages, and genders. She ministers the Word of God, powerfully, in a practical manner where everyone receiving can relate and apply it. This deliverance preacher, teacher, transformational speaker has sold out to God therefore He manifests miracles, healing and deliverance through her everywhere she goes.

*In-House Workshops:

*Leadership Development – This workshop is designed to  maximize Leadership effectiveness to a level of excellence and love in order to make a God Impact on the lives they serve. Workshops are tailored to the need of the organization and will equip attendees to overcome FIVE Challenges every Leader faces:

  • Clarity
  • Commitment
  • Communication
  • Connection
  • Conflict Resolution

*Women In Ministry Development – One of the areas Chiquita has had the hardest fight in is being a woman in ministry. She not only had to overcome other’s limited thinking in this area but her own fears and insecurities that she indeed was called to ministry being a woman. Now Chiquita helps to cultivate other Women in hopes that they don’t have to suffer some of the same sufferings she endured. She believes that knowledge is power and if the Body of Christ will open themselves up completely then Pastors and members alike won’t have to fear women in ministry as well as that same woman will know how NOT to abuse her authority. Chiquita strives to teach women how to be a Woman in Authority and under Authority. Topics include:

  • 1st Ministry is Home
  • Ministry Etiquette & Protocol
  • Ministering without Offence
  • Birthing and Nurturing Ministry
  • Serving With your Spouse

Music Ministry – Chiquita started singing at an early age with her father. They would sing duets at local churches when she was a little girl. God has blessed her to sing background on various recording projects. At this time she is in the process of working on her own solo project to be released this year. She is a true worshipper and when she ministers in song the prophetic psalmist anointing on her life takes over and God is truly glorified.

Drama/Comedy – Just as God is various in ways that he demonstrates his character, He has gifted Chiquita to be versatile in Ministry. In 2009 Chiquita debuted in a Gospel stage play as Mother Grace, in 2010 she debuted as a playwright, director, producer, and performed the leading role in her Hit Gospel stage play “Never Say Never”. She has other solo characters that God uses to stir up what she calls good clean holy laughter including her “back of the woods” character “Mae Francis”. She is looking forward to doing a stand up comedy video to help others do what her Father taught her to do: “laugh to keep from crying.” Chiquita says this video will be a healing tool for both her and the audience and she is excited about its potential release.

Mentorship – This sold out vessel has and does mentors many men and women in ministry including Pastors, Bishops, etc. Chiquita has helped to establish churches. She has a passion to cultivate leaders in the Body of Christ and believes that once everyone recognizes his or her individual role in the body, then every joint can supply. God has used her tremendously to teach and train others to do just that. If you would like information on Mentorship please Click Here.

Entrepreneur – Chiquita formerly founded ,owned, and operated Royal Touch Salon Plus, a multicultural full service salon. She originally opened and operated this nationally recognized, award winning salon in Humble, TX for 10yrs and later in the Edmond/OKC area. The Texas location earned her International recognition as an Entrepreneur and the opportunity to become a featured author in the book: Beyond the Lemonade Stand.